Know the speed limit wherever you drive with a SpeedAlert Live app

Written by Ben Ward

Know the speed limit wherever you drive with a free SpeedAlert Live app which is a useful tool for learner drivers, P plate drivers and parents. Respecting road rules and complying with speed limits are important for all drivers and especially newer drivers. The prospect of being distracted are high and consequently the risk of exceeding speed limits is also high.

This free app helps keep you on track. The advantages of this free app include:

? Know the speed limit where you're traveling.
? Know when you're entering an active school zone.
? Know if you're exceeding the speed limit
? Know the location of speed and red light cameras

To get the app now for FREE search in Google Android or iPhone app store for "SpeedAlert Live" or go to into your Android or iPhone and you will be redirected to the relevant App store.

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