Top tips for your driving test - Rightway

Written by Cheryl York

Going for your licence is awesome!

However, we know that going for your licence can also be a daunting experience. Our instructors are here to help prepare you to be a safe driver and by default you will be well prepared for your test.

Here are some top tips from Cheryl. You can book with Cheryl here:

Test Day Tips from Cheryl

  •  When pulling over to the left side of the road, indicate, shoulder check, and arrive max 50cm from curb (that’s the bottom of the curved curb) aim for the line that’s between the gutter and road. Stop, secure the car (hand break and put it into park).

  • When pulling away from the curb indicate, shoulder check, and only move out into the road when it’s safe! (If you pull out without these important moves you will fail your test as its DANGEROUS!)

  • When REVERSING look out of the back window before using your mirrors
    otherwise you will be doing another driving test.

  • STOP signs – Stop means STOP! 3 seconds, then edge forward looking left and right, then GO when clear. Roll through and you will be doing another test.

  • GIVE WAY does not mean stop but if you pull out and slow down traffic, you guessed it – you will be doing another test!

  • SPEEDING on test day is not a good idea, nor ever for that matter! Practice keeping to the limit or just under, (not 5-20k under or you will get minors every time you do that as its lack of progress and dangerous). Don’t stare at the speedo, just quick glances. Otherwise you may miss the inevitable 40km road work sign or school zone. When practicing this try and be in the left lane as other drivers may speed…do not follow them! And remember, you cannot speed up until the entire car is past the next speed sign!

  • Right turns at CROSS ROADS. Look for the line markings in the centre and know the difference between the cross roads without centre lines. These intersections have a very high fail/crash rate. If there are no lines on the road, keep to the left.

  • Give PARKED CARS and cyclists a 1m leeway.


  • MERGING - regardless of how busy it is, always indicate first. Start looking in your rear-vision-mirror and left or right-wing-mirror looking for a safe gap. Indicating early will give the car in your blind spot time to speed up or slow down and actively help you out with your merging. If the driver in the lane won’t let you in, slow down and go in behind, (preferred) or speed up and get in front….remember not to exceed the speed limit! Use your mirrors as much as needed but still keep an eye on your road position with your peripheral vision, as soon as you have a safe gap do a shoulder check and finally merge.

  •  SHOULDER CHECKINGMUST be done on EVERY left turn over a bicycle lane, but it’s a good idea to turn this into a good habit every time you turn left! And of course EVERY TIME you merge left or right into another lane. Not doing this could turn out VERY badly indeed!

  • INDICATEBetween 5 & 10 seconds before turning. Longer for merging.
  • Turning Right with lights that have NO ARROW or THE RED ARROW GOES OUT. The first car must move into the intersection, (DO NOT TURN YOUR WHEEL TO THE RIGHT) wait for a safe gap or finish your turn once the lights turn amber or red. Remember to follow the dashed guide-line.

  • ROUND-A-BOUTS remember to slow down, look right early on your approach but don’t stop for the car on the right who is still 30 meters away from the roundabout. Give way to cars already on the roundabout. Remember indicate as you leave so other cars know where you are going next and to keep traffic flowing.


I will make sure you are at TEST STANDARD but I can’t take the test for you, it is ultimately up to you to practice all that you have been taught, especially the maneuvers and know your road rules!

You are TEST READY but you may still get nervous and make a few mistakes, this is very normal, but as long as you drive the way you have been taught then there is a high chance you will pass.

And know this……the examiners are NOT going to trick you, they are not horrible, they do not set out to fail you….they are looking to see if you are safe!

So… safe and you can be the next happy P plate photo with #teamCheryl




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