Invest in Your Future with a Driving Lesson in Woolloongabba, Ipswich, or Mt Gravatt at Rightway Driving School

As a teen, one of the rites of passage is becoming a licensed driver. It is an exciting time for teens in Woolloongabba, Ipswich, Mt Gravatt and other cities throughout  South East Queensland. Becoming a safe driver and obtaining a licence takes some time and with the help of the professionals at Rightway Driving School, you can become a safe driver for life. Our school has been helping learner drivers for over 50 years. We are the largest RACQ Approved Driving School in south east Queensland and continue to remain committed to providing quality training to all of our students. Take a driving lesson in Woolloongabba today and see why Queenslanders trust us to teach them how to drive the Rightway way.

How to Obtain Your Driver Licence

In Queensland, those who have turned 16 years of age can take a written road rules test and receive their learner licence. Learner drivers must hold their licence for at least one year and accumulate 100 hours of on-road driving experience. Within those 100 hours, there must be at least 10 hours of driving at night. After 12 months and 100 hours of driving, learner drivers can apply for a provisional licence, or P1. At any time in the process, drivers can take a driving lesson. When choosing a driving school, there are a number of factors to consider. At Rightway Driving, we provide you with the training you need to be a safe driver for the rest of your life.

Why Choose Rightway Driving for a Driving Lesson in Ipswich

With 52 years of experience in providing driving lessons in Queensland we understand what students and their families want. We provide excellent value for money. There are no extra charges for weekend or holiday appointments or tests. We offer a variety of different learning packages all designed to save you money. What each student receives is a highly qualified driving instructor handpicked by the owners of our school. Our instructors undertake regular training and development, are fully insured, and are held accountable to a stringent quality assurance system. The bottom line is that we do not engage an instructor whom we would not feel comfortable with teaching our own child. At Rightway Driving, we have both male and female instructors and allow our students to change instructors if desired until they find an instructor with whom they are compatible.

Our instructors are outstanding and we use quality rated dual control vehicles. Your student will learn to drive in a 5-star safety rated vehicle that can also be controlled by the instructor. This ensures maximum safety during a driving lesson in Mt Gravatt. We also provide our students with flexibility and convenience. Choose your start and end locations. Do you need to drive home from school? No problem. Our instructors will meet you and begin your lesson there. Students and their families can also book a driving lesson online and pay online, as well.

At Rightway Driving School, we can help you pass your test but, more importantly, we can teach you how to be a safe driver for life. To learn more about how we can help your learner driver, call us on 1300 306 324 today.

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