Get Excellent Value at Rightway Driving School with the Prices on Our Driving Lesson Packages in East Brisbane and Brisbane Southside

Conquering the road and mastering the ability to drive a car is a big moment in anyone's life, no matter when you finally become licensed. Whether you are a teenager getting your P plates for the very first time, or you are a mature individual who just kept putting it off, there is an excellent way for you to learn how to drive in comfort and safety around Queensland. Rightway Driving School offers many excellent driving lesson packages in East Brisbane of which you can take advantage! From the simple "pre-test polish package" that helps ensure you're all set to pass your test, to a complete learning experience of up to 10 lessons, Rightway Driving teaches you what you need to know! We are an RACQ Approved Driving School, our instructors are carefully selected and fully insured, and your safety in learning is our number one priority. We can accommodate many different kinds of learners. Even if you've been anxious about learning to drive in the past, we are ready to help make you comfortable while preparing you for a lifetime of excellent and safe driving. Take a closer look at what sets us apart from any other driving school.

A great range of driving lesson packages in Brisbane Southside

Beyond the careful selection process our instructors go through and the modern vehicles we use to teach our students, what gives our service so much value compared to other driving lesson prices in East Brisbane? First, we do not teach students just enough to pass the test; we work to instil a lifelong series of habits that could one day save your life in a dangerous road situation! Second, we offer a variety of packages that let you choose how to get the most value from our driving lesson prices. Here are a few of the packages we offer:

  • The Silver Package offers five one-hour driving lessons (about 5% off!) to get you started or help you work on some specific skills.
  • The Gold Package - one of our most popular packages! - offers prices with savings of about 10% and include ten lessons. Each lesson earns you three hours in your logbook for one hour spent with our licensed driving instructors.
  • The Platinum Package is a SUPER value and an excellent option among driving lesson packages in Brisbane Southside! It includes ten one-hour lessons, plus our Test Day package which will get you prepared and ready to pass with flying colours on the day of your driving exam. On top of that, you'll even get our excellent defensive driving course - be ready for anything on the road.

With so many options to choose from, you won't get better value for these driving lesson prices elsewhere in Brisbane Southside!

Call today or book online - we're ready to help

Ready to get started with us? Our friendly team is ready to engage with you and get you started. Call us today on 1300 306 324 for phone enquiries, or explore our website to book and pay online. You'll be ready to hit the road in no time with Rightway Driving School.

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