Testimonials - Jackie Gladwood

5 Stars


Jackie was brilliant m. Indy loved her and he says it as it is. Jackie has a reputation amongst the kids down here ... she is the favourite. The times I had to call the centre and change things were also always great. I will recommend rightway. Thanks heaps

5 Stars


My Instructor Jackie was very helpful and a great teacher in the short time we were together.

5 Stars


Jackie is without a doubt the best driving instructor ever!!!! Passed my P’s test first time thanks to her amazing help. Highly recommend xx

5 Stars


Hi there,

Oscar's lesson was with driving instructor, Jackie, who was absolutely fantastic. Jackie guided Oscar with such care and confidence and we're happy to say that he passed his P's on his first attempt.

Thank you.

Karen (Oscar's mum)

5 Stars


I have had multiple driving instructors before Jackie through Rightway. They were alright but I then decided to have Jackie and that was the right choice, she clearly explains everything you need to know for your test and just for your everyday driving, she is great company to have in the car she is very nice and friendly person. Thank you for the lessons jackie

5 Stars


Jackie was hands down the best driving instructor ever. She not only taught me how to drive but she made me feel safe, confident and comfortable on the road. Helping me progress till I finally achieved a provisional license. Thank you Jackie from Rightway Driving School.

5 Stars


Highly recommend Jackie ?? Passed my P's on first attempt, she gives 100% honest feedback if your a nervous wreck like myself she has a way with calming those nerves.
Thanks alot jackie

5 Stars


I would highly recommend rightway driving school, They have a great customer service and awesome instructors !

5 Stars


Thanks to Jackie I passed my driving test on the first go! I had a couple lessons with her where she taught me everything I need to know to be a confident , safe driver. She also made sure to teach me the proper manoeuvres to pass the test. I would highly recommend Jackie as an instructor if you enjoy expert teaching with a great sense of humour!

5 Stars


Jackie was very professional, kind and extremely supportive. She prepared me for the test very well. I was familiar with all the rules and manoeuvres required to pass the exam. I totally recommend your school and of course your amazing instructor Jackie.

5 Stars


Great instructors, kind and friendly, helpful overall, great phone administration

5 Stars


Jackie was an incredible instructor, I learned so much from her and wouldn't have been able to pass my test without her help. I highly recommend Jackie and Right way Driving for anyone looking to learn to drive.

5 Stars


Rightway Driving have always supplied the best instructors at hand. Before my test, I had an hour lesson with Jackie. She was so helpful and encouraging, and really helped me keep my nerves to a minimum. I would definitely recommend Rightway to anyone learning to drive!

5 Stars


Excellent service from this company and great instructor Jackie. Thanks so much. Brooke

5 Stars


Jackie has been an amazing instructor! She has been patient, friendly and calm throughout our lessons which was exactly what I needed. I'm older and have been procrastinating going for my test for over 10 years but with Jackie I was able to build my confidence to take the test and get my p's first try. Without Jackie I most likely would have continued to avoid driving and would have waited another 10 years to get my p's.

Jackie was fantastic at running me through all the manoeuvres I needed to know and building my confidence on the roads, allowing me to feel comfortable with driving. She was always encouraging even when I felt nervous and addressed any areas that needed work in a way that patient and helpful. She is very skilled and her support was exactly what I needed for success. Thank you so much, you were awesome!

I highly recommend Jackie to anyone seeking lessons, and would especially recommend her for anyone that may feel a bit nervous to start off with. If she can help me to be confident enough to actually take the test and pass then I truly believe she can help anyone!

5 Stars


Jackie is patient, funny and helps me relax and not be nervous. I love driving with her.

5 Stars


I really loved my instructor, Jackie made me feel very comfortable and taught me so many skills to drive safely and how to deal with difficult situations in the right matter! She also was very helpful when it come to experiencing my P’s test!

5 Stars


let me just say one thing, driving instructor Jackie is the most amazing not only teacher but human in general. I would not have completed this journey without her.

5 Stars


I would highly recommend Rightway and Jackie,my best instructor. She is so kind and clam . The way she approached and explained was easy to understand for a foreigner like me .She even would go the extra mile to help me get my license on the day that I was going to my early stage of labour.

5 Stars


Wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Jackie and everyone from rightway we’re lovely and very helpful. Jackie was always positive and allowed for confidence to grow. Very thankful

5 Stars


I only went for two lessons with Jacquie, but it gave me a lot of much needed insight to help me practice proper manoeuvre skills. I just passed my driving test! Would definitely recommend her and this school!

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