Testimonials - Raj Lakhia

5 Stars


The entire experience with Rightway was fantastic! Professional and caring in the office and the instructor Raj was wonderful. Thanks for making the whole experience a good one for my daughter. She now has her P's and is over the moon.

5 Stars


Raj was a fantastic teacher for James and I would highly recommend him personally to anyone.

I thank him for teaching James and taking him to his test last week which he passed.

He is a wonderful teacher and James and him got on fabulously.

Kind Regards,

Luella Smith

5 Stars


Raj was an incredibly supportive instructor with a "you got this" attitude. His encouraging attitude built my confidence levels and I am very grateful for his time.

5 Stars


During my lessons Raj was a very insightful and friendly instructor. I found it easy to drive with him and I think others will too.

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