Our Covid 19 update

Written by Ben Ward

Updated 2nd April 2020

Your safety and the safety of our team is #1

Unfortunately we have had to take act extremely fast to bring our business in line with government personal distancing requirements. We understand that this has disappointed many of our loyal and valued customers. This health emergency is unprecedented and we have to ensure the safety of our team and our customers.

We listened and acted early.

Our customers were also letting us know what community expectations were in relation to this. In one day we had 62 phone calls to  cancel lessons in response to the increasing restrictions and worry in the community. This does not even include lessons cancelled online. 

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Covid19 and your driving lessons.

Written by Ben Ward

Updated 21st March 2020 & Subject to change

Here is April from our Sunshine Coast team demonstrating the hygiene processes we are using.


As you are aware Australia is currently working through a global pandemic due to the spread of Covid19. This can be a stressful time for everyone and we fully appreciate that. 

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Top tips for your driving test - Rightway

Written by Cheryl York

Going for your licence is awesome!

However, we know that going for your licence can also be a daunting experience. Our instructors are here to help prepare you to be a safe driver and by default you will be well prepared for your test.

Here are some top tips from Cheryl. You can book with Cheryl here:

Test Day Tips from Cheryl

  •  When pulling over to the left side of the road, indicate, shoulder check, and arrive max 50cm from curb (that’s the bottom of the curved curb) aim for the line that’s between the gutter and road. Stop, secure the car (hand break and put it into park).

  • When pulling away from the curb indicate, shoulder check, and only move out into the road when it’s safe! (If you pull out without these important moves you will fail your test as its DANGEROUS!)

  • When REVERSING look out of the back window before using your mirrors
    otherwise you will be doing another driving test.

  • STOP signs – Stop means STOP! 3 seconds, then edge forward looking left and right, then GO when clear. Roll through and you will be doing another test.

  • GIVE WAY does not mean stop but if you pull out and slow down traffic, you guessed it – you will be doing another test!

  • SPEEDING on test day is not a good idea, nor ever for that matter! Practice keeping to the limit or just under, (not 5-20k under or you will get minors every time you do that as its lack of progress and dangerous). Don’t stare at the speedo, just quick glances. Otherwise you may miss the inevitable 40km road work sign or school zone. When practicing this try and be in the left lane as other drivers may speed…do not follow them! And remember, you cannot speed up until the entire car is past the next speed sign!

  • Right turns at CROSS ROADS. Look for the line markings in the centre and know the difference between the cross roads without centre lines. These intersections have a very high fail/crash rate. If there are no lines on the road, keep to the left.

  • Give PARKED CARS and cyclists a 1m leeway.


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Do you know your GIVE WAY Rules?

Written by Ben Ward

This recent post we shared from the RACQ has caused a bit of a stir!

The question associated with the post asked "Which car has to Give Way?".  The element tripping everyone up here is the presence of a STOP and a GIVE WAY sign on opposing sides. There is a general (untrue!) belief that a STOP sign is more powerful than a GIVE WAY sign in this situation. The reality is very different! 

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Quick tip for approaching a driving test

Written by Tony Butler

Recently we sat down with one of our Instructors to identify some of his top tips for sitting your licence.


Tony Butler

Tony has a true passion for driver training and raising standards. You can read his story here.

Why do people get stressed out with their driving test?

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Driving in QLD with an International Licence

Written by Ben Ward

Moving to another country is an exciting and rewarding experience. I have experienced this first hand when we moved to North America to live for a year. Having to learn to drive in the snow and on the "wrong" side of the road was definitely a great part of our experience. Have you seen a 4 way stop intersection? Now that was a challenge first time around! Then we had to sit for our local driving licence by completing a practical test. So, if you are new to Australia - I feel your pain!


International Driver Licence - Queensland

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Road Rules - Turning refresher

Written by Ben Ward

For many drivers it has been many years or even decades since they thought about their knowledge of road rules. Here we will run through some of the rules that apply to turning vehicles.

Making turns

Left turns

• If turning left at an intersection, position your vehicle so you are close to the far left side of the road.
• If there is a slip lane, the left turn must be made from the slip lane.

Turning left on a multi-lane road with traffic arrows.
When you turn left at an intersection from a multi-lane road, you must approach and enter the intersection from within the left lane unless:
• there is a slip lane for left turns
• there is an obstruction in the left lane
• road markings allow the turn to be made from another lane

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Road trip? Check out these safe driving tips

Written by Ben Ward

Driving licence?        

First car?                   

Ready for your first solo road trip?

There is a lot to consider and remember when you set out on road trip. Broadly speaking any successful drive requires adequate preparation and a clear focus on the task at hand. Have you thought about the condition of your vehicle? How long the journey will take? Rest stops? Have you had adequate sleep?

This article from Budget Direct has some great insights from industry professionals in the driver training and health science sector. Make every drive, long or short, a safe drive.


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What driving examiners are looking for.

Written by Ben Ward

This week our Coastwide Team were invited to present at a joint TMR and QLD Police community event where road safety for seniors was the theme. An unexpected, but very interesting presentation by a TMR Examiner went through the various elements that he looks for while conducting a driving test. While this was aimed at the Senior audience, there were several great tips for all learner drivers.




Decision Making and Hazards

  • What are hazards?
    • Poor road conditions
    • Pedestrians and vulnerable road users
    • Vehicles approaching from adjacent streets

  • What behaviours do safe drivers show?
    • Getting ready to brake
    • Easing off the accelerator
    • Reducing speed
    • Change road position or lane to create a buffer


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Reporting requirements for a Medical Condition

Written by Ben Ward

Have you considered the impact that a medical condition may have on your ability to drive safely?

At Rightway, we ask you to self declare any issues that may impact your driving so that our professional team can give you the right advice and tailor your learning process accordingly. 


The extract below outlines the Queensland Reporting requirements for specific conditions. If you have any questions it would be worth contacting Qld Transport to discuss your specific needs. 


Save with our discounted packages.

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