Mature Learners

10 point guide for mature learner drivers

The Rightway Driving School’s driving instructors are proud to be a preferred driving lesson provider for recent immigrants and mature learners.

We instruct many migrant customers who perhaps did not need a car in their home country but find it necessary to drive in Queensland to easily access schools, work or community activities.

We also instruct many female customers for whom obtaining a licence earlier in life was not a priority or culturally relevant but now wish to enjoy the freedom and independence driving offers.

We also work closely with many employment, social, rehabilitation and migrant agencies to provide top quality driving instruction to their clients, many of whom are mature learners.

As a result of our experience in this area, we have developed a 10 point guide which outlines our approach to and understanding of mature learners:

  1. Developing and maintaining confidence is our most important goal. Learners’ can rest easy knowing our driving school cars are fitted with dual controls and are 5-star safety rated. Our instructors progressively expand the teaching topics to meet the level of the learner and therefore build skills and knowledge gradually and confidently. Our instructors will never yell, be rude or show impatience towards a learner.
  2. We understand that the tuition must be tailored to the individual’s needs.  A one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate, especially for mature learners. 
  3. English as a second language can provide additional communication challenges and our instructors will always be patient to explain clearly what is required.
  4. We understand that practice opportunities between driving lessons may not always be available for mature learners.  This may slow progress and may impact their confidence levels .
  5. We strive to practice communication that is relevant to the learner; we don't talk down to them and we explain matters thoroughly.
  6. We understand that a learners’ partner may wish to attend one or more lessons to assist with practice or to just be comfortable with the instructor and the learning process.
  7. We understand that respect is paramount to a cooperative approach between the learner and driving instructor.
  8. After getting the learner to a safe level of driving ability, we will provide lessons in their own road worthy vehicle This will help increase the lessons’ relevance to the learner.
  9. We are flexible with start and ending locations to allow learners to start and finish lessons in different locations.  For example, a learner may choose to start at work and finish at a child care centre. Please note we cannot provide driving lessons with children in the car.
  10. We have convenient driving lesson times, including lessons starting at 7:00am as well as lessons on weekends and public holidays.  This will help learners with children and work commitments to fit lessons into their busy schedule.

If you would like further information about obtaining your drivers licence please call us on 1300 657 040.

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"No yelling or abuse, just caring, quality controlled and tailored lessons to get your licence and stay safe on the roads for life!"

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