10 Things To Always Have In Your Car

By Ben
Would you know what to do in an emergency situation, such as breaking down in the middle of nowhere?  For this important topic we teamed up with Kieran from QLDDrivingTest.com to ensure that no matter what you find yourself faced with out there on the road, you will be equipped to handle it! 

Unexpected situations occur while driving. You could breakdown, get a flat battery or puncture a tyre. To ensure your safety on the road it’s  important to think about these situations before they actually happen.   This could change a major hassle into a minor inconvenience, saving you t ime and money.

Check out the list below to help prepare you for the  worst. Making sure you’ve got these 10 items in your car will make sure  you’re prepared for just about anything that can happen while driving.

Source: QLD Driving Test

It's easy to make sure you're as safe as possible while driving!  Remember these 10 items and you'll avoid getting stuck.  Safe driving, for life.
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