Covid19 and your driving lessons.

By Ben

Updated 21st March 2020 & Subject to change

Here is April from our Sunshine Coast team demonstrating the hygiene processes we are using.


As you are aware Australia is currently working through a global pandemic due to the spread of Covid19. This can be a stressful time for everyone and we fully appreciate that. 

As per current government health advice we are continuing Driving Lessons as per normal.

Here are some current actions and reminders:

  • Our Instructors have been using wipes and sprays to clean contact surfaces (steering wheels, gear selectors etc) between students.
  • If you have been placed into isolation by Queensland Health we are happy to cancel your lessons and extend the expiry period if required. You will need to supply the letter from QLD Health as proof- as some students have already been able to provide. Unfortunately we have also seen people trying to use the outbreak as an excuse to bypass existing cancellation periods which is why we are asking for the official government letter.
  • Our call centre staff are not authorised to extend expiry periods or refund lessons that have been forfeited. As per our terms and conditions these requests need to be made in writing and will be assessed on a case by case basis. Genuine Covid19 cases have been reinstated without delay or incident.
  • We are monitoring the continuous updates from OFFICIAL sources regarding any isolation or precautionary requirements that need to be implemented and we are updating our processes as required, based on this government medical advice.
  • All lessons have a 24 hour cancellation period by default. If you cancel within this period your lesson will forfeited. This measure is in place to ensure that your instructor can efficiently plan their day and continue to earn an income. Cancellations before the 24 hour cut off are automatically reinstated to your account and can be rescheduled.


For our full terms and conditions please refer here.

We are actively working to find balance between meeting all of our customer's needs and keeping our awesome staff, contractors and licencees employed. We thank you for dealing with all of our team in a courteous manner and together we keep delivering that quality driver training that we all want.


What can you do as a customer?

  • Book a lesson ! This is the best thing to keep the team moving.


  • Plan ahead - cancel or reschedule your lessons online before the 24 hour cut off period. Then there are no issues for anyone!

  • If you are sick on the day, please remember that our 24 hour cancellation policy will apply. If you cancel and have the QLD health isolation demand letter then we will be happy to work out a solution together.

  • Please be courteous when dealing with our staff.


Stay safe.


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