Gift guide for older drivers and grandparents

By Ben

Ever wonder what to buy your parents or grandparents for Christmas?

With so many older drivers now buying 4WD's, RV's and towing caravans it may be time to give them a gift voucher for a professional training course to ensure that they are up to date with road rules, skilled at handling urban and non urban driving conditions and able to manage reversing a van or trailer!

We have concerned spouses and children request "refresher' training for parents who have either had an unexpected crash or are planning on an extended road trip. And it is a good idea.

Here is a fantastic video from QLD Police in Charleville, and an award winning campaign targeting Grey Nomads with a fun way of communicating the challenges of driving in the outback.

Country road driving tips from

  • Rest regularly. On long trips, drivers should break for 15 minutes every 2 hours. Better yet, share the driving with a family member or friend 
  • Obey speed limits. Speeding impairs a driver's ability to make a sudden stop or react to avoid hazards 
    Drive with your headlights on low during daylight hours. It can make it easier for oncoming traffic to see you 
  • Let family and friends know your travel plans. Carry a road map and if you change your plans, be sure to let someone know 
  • Watch out for wildlife. Native animals are often seen near roads. Please take care to avoid collisions with our native wildlife.
  • Beware of soft edges. Many country roads have grass or dirt raised edges Be aware that these edges may be soft, muddy or have loose gravel when pulling over 
  • Watch for heavy vehicles. Some heavy vehicles can be up to 55m long. lf overtaking, flash your lights to warn the driver and allow plenty of distance to pass the vehicle (at least 1km), and be careful of soft edges on the road
  • Wide Loads. lf a pilot vehicle and/or wide load is coming toward you, identify a safe place to pull off the road and stop. 
  • Keep left. lf a road train or other heavy vehicle is coming towards you on a single vehicle road, or overtaking you, slow down and/or stop if safe to do so and move as far to the left as possible

Through our associated Registered Training Organisation, Driver Skills International Pty Ltd (RTO Number 40922) you can gift our courses.  Discover our courses for seniors.

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