Greater Brisbane: Health directive update 11th Jan 2021

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For information to our Gold Coast customers who may be completing lessons or tests in the Logan area.

Masks are not required on the Gold Coast local government area.



Following the latest update from QLD Health, please be aware of the following changes from 6pm 11th Jan 2021.
Driving lessons will continue as scheduled, however both the student and the Driving Instructor will be required to wear a mask. This requirement applies to instructors and students who have been in, or lessons which are conducted in the Greater Brisbane area as defined by QLD Health. 
Our Call Centre  is operating normally and we have increased staffing levels to meet the spike in demand. Please be patient, we will get back to you in order of your call if you are asked to leave a message.
The best solution is to change your booking online 24 hours or more before the scheduled start time. You can do this online, at any time.
If you are not familiar with the correct technique for wearing a mask, please watch the video on the QLD health web page.
If you require any further information on the rules or requirements please contact QLD Health or visit their page below.
Please note: Some instructors may choose to restrict their availability at this time due to their own personal circumstances. Please respect their choice to ensure their own personal safety and the safety of their family. We will work with any impacted students to find a suitable solution.

This may change without notice based on information from the QLD Government.




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