Planning your driving test Read this checklist.

By Ben

Going for a Practical driving test? Make sure the registered operator of your test vehicle has signed your paperwork. Our driving instructors handle all this for you as part of our test day package service.

Our Driving Test Day Packageis for 2 hours and includes:

  • A warm up lesson prior to the test (bear in mind that this period is best use to settle the learner and drive in conditions similar to what the test route will present. It is unsuitable to try to teach new skills at this late stage.
  • Our instructor presenting the learner and required documents to the TMR officer
  • Use of our dual control and TMR approved vehicle for the actual driving test with the examiner
  • Debrief and anaylsis of the test result
  • Return to home/work

The Driving Test Day Packagecosts $170 inclusive of all costs associated with this service (other than the TMR booking fee). You may pay this on the day to our instructor or pre-pay it when booking the service and receive a discount of $10 reducing the price to $160.

We are allocated driving test times by TMR in most areas for prioritisation of our customers driving tests. These are limited in number and you should allow 2 to 3 weeks to secure a time. As we are responsible for the booking fee on these test times we require payment at the time of making the booking. The fee is $60.25 for weekday bookings and $75 for Saturday bookings, this charge includes the TMR booking fee.

We do not offer a service of only providing a lesson and test on the day of the test. This policy is based on our extensive experience of teaching Queenslanders to drive for 52 years. It would be important to give your child the chance to practice and rectify any deficiencies prior to the test which simply would not be possible if she had the lesson immediately before the test. Also your child should gain some familiarity with the operation and feel of the instructors car which is also not very likely if the only experience is immediately before the test. We would therefore recommend at least one lesson prior to our lesson and test service.

If your child has not taken advantage of the Federal Government Funded Keys2Drive lesson, this would also be a good option. This is a free lesson to you and paid for by the Federal Government. The Government sees it as a crucial part of its efforts to reduce youth traffic accidents. The instructor would be able to conduct the Keys2Drive "P Plate Ready Indicator" assessment which is not so much a trial test but rather a check on your child's preparedness from a safety and solo driving perspective. Whilst the lesson is free to you it requires both a parent and the learner to attend the entire lesson.

Just a reminder that on the day of your test please ensure you have the following items with you:

  1. Learners Licence or Overseas Licence
  2. If you have an Overseas Licence you will also need to have your passport with you
  3. Evidence of your logbook approval if applicable
  4. Completed Driver Licence Application/Renewal form issued by Queensland Government.  Your Instructor will be able to provide you with this form or you can download it from the internet
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