Quick tip for approaching a driving test

By Tony

Recently we sat down with one of our Instructors to identify some of his top tips for sitting your licence.


Tony Butler

Tony has a true passion for driver training and raising standards. You can read his story here.

Why do people get stressed out with their driving test?

Taking a driving test is one of the most uncomfortable times for a young person. We are prone to anxiety, fear of failure and a sense of impending doom!

How do you recommend approaching test day? 

One of the best ways to combat the anxiety is to get into a good head space and understand the objective of the test. A driving test is  an assessment of your skills. The driving examiner is simply checking that you are a safe driver and that you can competently manage a car. They are not expecting you to be perfect; just safe

You have learnt to drive safely so you need to demonstrate that. The driving examiner understands that you have just learnt to drive a car; that you are probably nervous and that you will probably make a few mistakes. 

Don't think of it as an examination but as a demonstration (of your skills). That may make you feel that you are more in control of the experience. Rather than fearfully focusing on what might go wrong; focus on what needs to be done in order to drive safely. 


When you are ready to take your test remember that your driving instructor has been working on techniques to make you a safe driver. If you stay calm and demonstrate these techniques you should fly through the testing process. Our Blitz your Test package for $298 is designed to finish off your training - 2 x 1 hour lessons and our Test Day Package. Check out the terms and conditions.


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