Spring Driving Tips

By Ben

Winter is renowned for having the worst driving conditions, but are you aware of the driving hazards associated with Spring? Each season has its own unique set of driving hazards and spring should not be overlooked.  To safely enjoy the warmer months ahead, remember the following tips. 

Spring is a time of rejuvenation.   The days are beginning to warm up with more hours of daylight, flowers are starting to bloom, trees have regained their leaves and, in the animal world, Spring means babies! With all this activity it is important that you keep an eye out on the road for wildlife, it may act erratically. This is particularly important when driving in the early morning or evening, as this is when animals are most active.

Prior to leaving home, it is also a good idea to have a quick look around your car to check for any family pets, that may be enjoying a bit of time basking in the sun! 

As the weather warms up, there will be more traffic on the roads with people taking advantage of the change in season, going for weekend trips, Sunday drivers, etc. As a result it is important to always be  courteous to other road users, observant and remember the safe following distance of  at least 3 seconds. 

In addition to more cars, there are also more pedestrians and cyclists on the roads footpaths enjoying walks and rides in the warmer weather, remember to share the road safely.  

For a lot of people Spring signals the onset of hay fever. Be aware of the potential side effects of any anti-allergy drugs you may be taking, don’t drive if you think you may be affected.  

Driving in winter conditions often takes its toll on a car, particularly its tires, brakes and battery.  It doesn’t hurt to inspect your car for any wear and tear that might have occurred during the winter months.

If safe and possible, try and avoid driving in puddles that may be on the road; as the splash has the potential to impact your brakes, cause a skid and impair your vision as well as the vision of other road users.

 With the start of the rains potholes are often formed in the road. Keep any eye open for potholes and try and avoid driving over them, assuming it is safe to do so. Driving over a pothole can potentially cause damage to your car.  This may result in steering and wheel alignment issues or tyre damage, resulting in a hefty bill.  

With these tips in mind, remember to enjoy spring, the days are getting longer so why not use this time to explore our beautiful state.  

Safe driving, for life.   
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