Stay Safe this Easter Long Weekend

By Ben
Many Australians will take to the roads this weekend to enjoy their Easter break away. Unfortunately, not all of these drivers will make it to their destination. While both our police and government attempt to make the roads safer for everyone during this time with double demerits and advertising campaigns, it is ultimately up to the individual and the choices you make to ensure yourself and the road users around you arrive safely. Here a few simple things you can do to ensure everyone has a safe Easter break: 
  • Make sure you have had plenty of rest the night before 
  • Travel at reasonable time of day eg not at dusk or dawn as not only is this when wildlife is most active and likely out in front of your vehicle, but this is when your body clock tells your brain you are meant to be sleeping. 
  • Plan your route and if there are any traffic notices beforehand so you aren’t checking your phone or map during the trip 
  • Keep your phone on silent so you aren’t distracted by incoming messages, but bring a spare charger in case of an emergency 
  • Check that your vehicle is in good condition eg tyres properly inflated, fluids at the correct level, a full tank of petrol. 
  • Try and swap drivers as often as you can to avoid driver fatigue 
  • Stick to the speed limit - getting there late better than not getting there at all. 
  • Leave with more time than you think you need to avoid the temptation to speed 
  • Don’t drink and drive 
  • If you begin to feel tired, take a break. No amount of coffee or energy drink can substitute a 15-minuterest. Furthermore, the sugar in these drinks will give you a high, which lasts for a very limited amount of time, causing your body to then have a sugar crash, causing fatigue. This is the same with junk food - so leave the chocolate until you arrive! 
It is recommended by Department of Transport in each state that you should take a break from driving every 2 hours. To make this easier for drivers who may be travelling on unfamiliar roads, BudgetDirect has designed an interactive website tool named Pit Stop Planner . This tool allows the user to type in their start and finish point, locate convenient rest areas along the way, and then export the details to Google Maps. 
From all of us at your dedicated driving school team, please have a happy and safe Easter. 
For this important topic, this blog post also used information obtained from Emma Lamkin of Auto & General Services.
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