Which Way? The Rightway!

When you commence your driver training with Rightway Driving School you can be assured you are learning from the best in the business.

If you are a parent looking to book your child in for driving lessons you can be confident that your child will learn lifelong driving skills from experienced instructors that focus on safety above all else.

Our Driving Instructors

Our Driving Instructors have many years experience driving and teaching others to do so. We have both male and female qualified, professional and friendly driving instructors so our students can choose the right fit for them. Our instructors know how to communicate effectively with students to ensure they feel calm, comfortable and enjoy their experience with us.

Getting your Queensland Drivers Licence is easy with us. Our system teaches you as fast as you can learn through a structured list of competencies. We only recommend you sit the test once you have passed our internal tests and our pass rates are consistently well above Industry averages! Download our free ebook "Learning to driving in Queensland".

At Rightway, We Don’t Just Show You How To Get Your  Drivers Licence – We Teach You The Skills To Become A Safer Driver For Life.

Get your licence in 5 easy steps!

  1. Obtain your QLD Learners Permit
  2. Choose your Driving School – Rightway!
  3. Practice with parents or friends
  4. Book your practical driving test
  5. Pass your practical driving test


Book Your Practical Driving Test

When you feel as though you are ready, discuss your progress with your Driving Instructor and have them make a forward booking at one of our Testing Centres. We can make this booking on your behalf. Prior to sitting the practical test:

  • You must be at least 17 years old
  • Have your log book checked and APPROVED by Queensland Transport
  • You can adjust your training as the date of your test gets closer and it can be put back if you are not progressing as expected. There may be a 4-5 week waiting period for a test so plan in advance.

Rightway Driving School offer a pre-licence test lesson, just to check if you are really ready. Make sure you take advantage of this lesson, we find it gives our students the confidence they need to pass the driving test the first time.

Obtain Your QLD Learners Permit

To apply for a Queensland Learners licence, you will need to be at least 16 years of age and attend a QLD Transport Customer Service Centre to do the following:

  • Complete a drivers licence application
  • Provide proof of residency and 3 pieces of identification
  • Successfully complete a written road rules test
  • Commence your logbook
  • The guide “Your keys to driving in Queensland” will provide you with the necessary information to help you pass the written driving test. This guide can be purchased from Queensland Transport, your local news agency, or it can be downloaded at www.transport.qld.gov.au.


Click on the following link to practice the test online www.service.transport.qld.gov.au/rrtexternal/SelectExam.jsp

Pass Your Practical Driving Test
If you are using our services to assist you to pass your driving test, your Driving Instructor will pick you up one hour prior to your test on the day for a warm up and final briefing on what to expect during your test. Your Instructor will have completed the paper work in advance to make things easier for you. 
  • You will go for the test in the Driving Instructor’s vehicle, with an inspector from Queensland Transport.
  • Your Instructor will not come in the vehicle and will wait for you at the testing centre.
  • Once you have completed the test the Inspector will debrief you on how you performed and inform you of the result.
  • When you pass, you will then go inside and collect your licence.
In the event that you are not successful on the day we encourage you to book the next test ASAP. Adhere to the conditions of your Provisional licence www.transport.qld.gov.au

Practice With Parents Or Friends

At Rightway Driving we recommend that you have as much practice as possible, as it will make you feel more confident when you get out on the road.

It is a legal requirement in Queensland that you have 100 hours “experience” behind the wheel recorded in your official log book, prior to sitting for your practical test. This should be seen as the minimum.

The more practice you get, the better driver you will be. But make sure you are getting the right practice. Ensure you book in for one of the free Keys2Drive Government funded driving lessons. These lessons are a great idea for both you and the parent who will be sitting in the passenger seat.

Please Note – 10 Hours With A Qualified Driving Instructor Will Count For 30 Hours Towards Your 100 Hours Logbook Requirement. Checkout our package deals which save you money!
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