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Are you interested in becoming an instructor with us?
If you have a passion for customer service, delivering class leading driver training  and looking for the support to help you achieve your goals then contact us today.

We do all of your marketing, SEO, social media, advertising, customer engagement through a dedicated QLD based call centre and booking software to make your day run smoothly. Our process is designed to grow your business and build your income. If you want to maintain your indepenent business and add on our supportive, branded environment then contact us today!

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Driving Instructors have the opportunity to make a lifelong impact on students and their families. Being an integral part of a student's development from their first lesson to their positive test result is an amazingly fulfilling experience.


Promoting Safe Driving Skills

Our motto is "Safe Driving, For Life" - we don't just say it, we all live it. Being part of a team that has shared values helps build your professional network. Our team regularly share learnings, ideas and observations to help everyone deliver a great outcome for everyone's students. 


Run your own business and work your own hours

Ultimately you are your own boss. Live the dream! You choose your own work hours and we look after all of your marketing, sales, client contact and administration. 


Supportive work environment

We talk a lot about values. We operate with a mutual respect which encourages a positive and productive work environment which let's you get on with delivering quality driving services knowing that we have your back.



Dedicated Customer Service Team

Our Gold Coast based Customer Service team provide brand specific support to our instructors. We handle all of your customer payments, marketing, social media, customer enquiries, customer emails, phone calls, messaging, sms reminders and more!

We focus on that so you can focus on delivering a quality experience for your student.


Fortnightly Payments

When you run your own business managing cash flow can be one of the biggest issues. Our instructor administration service  gives you a regular fortnightly income and the planning tools to budget and forecast your future income. 

We handle all of your customer payments, payment gateways, online security and database management so that you can focus delivering a quality experience to your customer.



Approachable Management

We are not perfect - no one is!
However, we work openly with instructors to ensure that everything we do meets our collective expectations and we always look for improvements.

Our Customer Service team is led by a dedicated Operations Manager. Our Instructors are supported by a dedicated General Manager. Both roles are supported by the business owner as required. All senior support is available to help resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.


Customer Generation

Our instructors enjoy a steady stream of new customers which are generated by an extensive and focussed digital marketing process. Additionally, the Customer Service team work with your students to book in lessons and tests. We also do outbound calls to customers with existing vouchers to help fill your diary.

Can you imagine working all day and then having to do this at night! We take that drama away from you and let you focus on delivering quality lessons.



Industry Training

We have a great understanding of how to get your qualifications to become an instructor. Our approach is simple: if you are starting a new career, you should give yourself the best training so that you have the greatest chance of success. We can step you through the options and support you through the process. Talk to us before you sign up for training!


Talk to us & let's get started!

If this sounds like the best way to help you be a successful Driver Trainer then we need to have a chat.

Email your details to : jobs@rightwaydriving.com.au 

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