FEMALE - MANUAL Instructor

Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Area: Gold Coast 

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: White Kia Rio

I am a friendly, patient and kind person, who enjoys being able to help others. Especially when it comes to achieving personal goals. I strive to provide an all-inclusive, safe space for all young, mature and returning drivers. 

I was born and bred on the Gold Coast and have enjoyed growing up here. I look forward to being able to teach students in my local area and pass on the knowledge I have collected over my many years of roaming these streets. Look forward to meeting you and teaching you all the skills involved for safe driving for life.  


5 Star Rating


Just passed my test, was everything absolutely perfect since the beginning, I called them the lady was super nice on the phone, then I booked my package of manual with the instructor Naomi, what a nice person, always happy and smiling, solve all my issues about the driving, everything that I asked and was a lot of questions she was able to answer or find out for me!!

Thank you so much for the whole team

Guilherme Vasvoncellos

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