Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Hyundai i20

Michael has been a professional driver his whole life with experience as a traffic controller, HR Truck driver, bus driver and taxi driver.  He decided to become a driving instructor to share his knowledge on how to stay safe on the roads.  He hopes to demonstrate that driving can be enjoyable and not just a chore.  His previous students have said that they like his attitude and calmness towards situations in traffic, they have also said that they feel relaxed and comfortable in his presence.

Previously Michael has also worked as a carpet technician, handyman and hospitality, bringing a wide range of  valuable experience.

His hobbies include drawing, movies, gardening and snow skiing.

Ultimately, Michael brings to this company his personality and unique way of teaching and hopes to deliver the best way possible to keep us all alive on the roads, drive to survive.

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