Adjusts to different needs & situations

Uses diagrams or other visual learning tools 

Understands the individual concerns that a student may have and
works with them and their parents to overcome obstacles 

Helping students stay focused especially after a mistake or fail or just a bad day!

Able to identify different learning styles or learning difficulties.


Queensland Accredited Driver Trainer, Accredited Keys2Drive Instructor

Teaching Areas: Gold Coast

Transmission: Manual

Usual Lesson Vehicle: Holden Barina

Covid-19 Vaccination Status:  Fully Vaccinated


Tony retired from 23 years of corporate training in private enterprise and local Government to join the Rightway team. Training/Coaching is his passion. Helping people reach their potential is his motivating force. He inspires to use skills and experience to not only help people achieve their licence but to work with them so that they become safer drivers  on our roads.

Tony decided to become a driving instructor because he sadly lost a close family member to an intoxicated, unlicensed and unregistered driver and does not wish for others to suffer like his family has.

He believes that learning should never be boring. Therefore, his style, while focused on outcomes, is both creative and engaging. Everyone learns differently and he has learnt that good trainers look for ways to tap into individual learning styles.

Not afraid of the spotlight, Tony has previously worked in television, radio, theatre and live show presentations.

Additionally Tony is also a fitness freak, spending 5 days a week in the gym and has covered a lot of kilometres cycling and running in his life. Furthermore, he also likes to play chess pretty seriously and enjoys spending time with his 2 young grandsons.  

Why should you pick Tony as your driving instructor?  As Tony says, coaching and training are gifts. Some people are good at a skill but not everyone has the ability to impart that to others. He believes he has been blessed with that ability. Consumers would certainly get value for money and they would be challenged and motivated by him to not just gain their licence but to be a safe driver for life. He would like to think that his students would also impart their skills to others.

His long term goals as a driving instructor are to continue to improve and to learn from every driver training session. The driver training industry is a critical one that needs good trainers and he'd like to be one of the best.

Ultimately he is very grateful to have this opportunity to offer his services and to make a difference to the learning experiences and lives of both young and not so young learners. He would like to think that everyone he works with would be treated with the utmost respect

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